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High Quality Ergonomic Autonomic Electric Height Adjustable Desk (THA807)

Model No: THA-807
Delivery Time: 1 Days
Available Size: Length 48”- Depth 24”- Height 28”- 48”(Adjustable) inch
: Length 54”- Depth 24”- Height 28”- 48”(Adjustable) inch
: Length 60”- Depth 24”- Height 28”- 48”(Adjustable) inch
: Length 72”- Depth 30”- Height 28”- 48”(Adjustable) inch
Motor: Dual Motor Setup
Stages: 2 Stages
Speed: 30 mm/s
Noisy: Less than 40db
load capacity: up to 100kg
Available Metal Color: Black, White >> See Color Catalogue
Available Board Color: Black, White, Prome Teak, A. Nature, Maple, Beech, Cherry Light, Cherry Deep, Burma Teak, Mahogany, Albino Oak, Wenge, Red Oak, Havana Oak, Grey >> See Color Catalogue
Material: Sheet metal 1.2mm & Laminated Board 16mm
Specific Use: Computer Table, Study Table, Work Table
Shipment: Free in Dhaka city
Product Unit: Price per pcs
Payment Method: Cash on Delivery Available
Warranty: 1-Years Free Service/Replacement Warranty


৳ 45,000 ৳ 40,000


High Quality Ergonomic Autonomic Electric Height Adjustable Desk


Firstly Adjustable Standing Computer Desk is a dream. For those who reading and work a long time. And use computers or laptops at home or office. We are all time making experts in manufacturing. Secondly, These tables are a modern and simple design. It is also yet very polished. However, this table constructs utilizing and modern tools. These tables are making using steel as the main component. Third, and most importantly, our tables are very needed by our clients. Each of us adapts to the current time at the table. And mostly versatile and highly reliable in Bangladesh.

Height Adjustable Standing Computer Desk Dual Motor:

The benefits of height-adjustable desks
To summarize, here are the benefits of height adjustable workstations for employees and for the company:

Benefits for employees

An improved working environment
Fewer chronic problems
Better posture reduces back problems
Prevention of muscle inactivity
Much more comfortable for working
Better comfort brings higher satisfaction.
Benefits for the company

Increased performance and efficiency.
Increased motivation and job satisfaction.
Reduced absentees due to illness, aches, and pains.
Improved service quality and corporation.
Gives the company a good image.
Improved internal communications.
Better value proposition to get employees back

This Table is making with Eco-Friendly. Also, use durable materials. So this table is physically resistant. And take pressure but it is not easy to scratch and leaves marks. It’s easy to clean. To maintain freshness for more days. This table making from a superior quality melamine board. With international standard density and load-bearing capacity. This table is best for Gaming PC. And other purposes or Indoor use. The SMM team will assemble during delivery. Use high-quality hardware fittings. Most of our Furniture is made of mild steel. So which is nature friendly. Our team ensure to provide good customer service

Height Adjustable Standing Computer Desk Dual Motor

Smooth and Strong finishing: Our all products are smooth and strong finishing. The table is easily movable. Customization furniture makes SMM. This MS Box computer table manufacture by SMM FURNITURE. As a result, a great surface provides you with enough space. Moreover, organize your work accessories. And make your workplace look more professional. Add a classy touch to your office. Room make desirable for everyone who visits. SMM furniture uses modern equipment. For all kinds of metal furniture.

High Quality Ergonomic Autonomic Electric Height Adjustable Desk

Top-notch finishing: After that, we are using the best material. As international-grade melamine board and sheet metal box. In other words, our all tables are made from imported materials. So this table can endure the heaviest load. Still lasts a long time. In conclusion, Take yourself to this great table because your hard work deserves a reward like this.

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