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Ergonomic Gaming Chair Apex Series

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Ergonomic Gaming Chair Apex Series

Gaming Chair Price in Bangladesh

Experience optimal comfort and versatility with the Horizon “Apex” series. This chair is engineered with a unique blend of high-quality materials that set it apart from the competition.

Designed to provide unmatched user comfort, the “Apex” series features an ergonomically designed metal frame inner structure, combined with high-quality BIFMA and SGS certified components, ensuring optimal rigidity and durability.

In addition, this chair comes with a range of features that make it perfect for any workspace. The 180-degree adjustable recline capability, 3D metal armrests, and rocking chair feature allow you to find your perfect seating position. The thickness and height-adjustable neck and lumbar cushions provide additional support and comfort, ensuring you can work for hours without experiencing any discomfort.

Experience the ultimate in comfort and functionality with the Horizon “Apex” series, the perfect chair for any workspace.

Comparable Specifications:

  • Category: Ergonomic Gaming
  • Headrest: Fixed built in
  • Headrest surface: Cushion & PU leather
  • Lumbar support: Height adjustable extra cushion
  • Lumbar support surface: Cushioned & PU leather
  • Handrest: 3D Height, forward-backward & rotation adjustable
  • Handrest material: Metal & PU, soft top surface
  • Backrest material: Metal
  • Backrest surface: Top grade PU leather
  • Seat material: Metal & ply wood
  • Seat surface: Top grade PU leather
  • Seat cushion: 3 inch high density [HD] semi rubber foam
  • Seat structure: Winged & flat
  • Base: Metal, 5 star
  • Base Color: Black, powder coated heat paint
  • Gas lift: Class 4
  • Gas lift load capacity: 140kg
  • Gas lift certification: SGS & BIFMA certified
  • Wheels type: Caster
  • Wheels size: 65mm
  • Wheels material: PU & metal
  • Wheels certification: BIFMA certified
  • Mechanism: Butterfly recliner
  • Mechanism grade: A grade, metal upto 2.5mm thickness
  • Backrest recline angle: 180 degree approximately
  • Recline lock: Any / multiple positions within range
  • Tilt tension adjustment: Available
  • Rocking chair feature: Available
  • Chair 360 rotation: Available
  • Chair height adjustment: Available


  • Spacious & wider body: Ensures obstruction free comfortable sitting position. The structure is designed in such a way that it won’t block free movement of arms, shoulder, elbow and thighs. On both sides of the seat there are two wings which we kept at minimal height so that it won’t block the user’s thigh on any side. It also gave the chair a smart look.
  • Inside metal structure: We believe in product longevity. A gaming chair with metal structure is more durable, stable, and long-lasting than chairs with plastic or wooden frames. It can also provide better ergonomics and aesthetics, making it a cost-effective investment for users who want a high-quality, long-lasting gaming chair.
  • 3 inch HD foam cushion: The 3-inch thick high-density seat foam provides improved comfort, durability, posture, and productivity benefits. It offers excellent support and cushioning, reducing pressure and strain on the body and promoting better posture. The foam is durable and maintains its shape and cushioning properties over time. Overall, this feature reduces discomfort and distractions, allowing you to focus on your work and be more productive.
  • 170-180 degree recliner mechanism: The chair comes with a multi function & multi lock recliner butterfly mechanism. So that the user gets an ultimate level of back adjustability in various work scenarios & positions. When we work for a long period of time we feel the need to sit in different positions and body wants to lean back, relax for a little while or wants to lean forward. This chair is built to ensure exactly that much needed feature for those who need to sit for a long period of time.
  • Relaxing tilt mechanism with lock & tension adjuster: Not only can this chair do a 170 degree back recline but also we introduced another mechanism in it. Which is called “center point tilt mechanism”. After reclining the chair back to 110-120 degree users can unlock the tilt mechanism and enjoy this “rocking motion chair” feature. Just apply little pressure to the back and the chair will go back and forth with motion. This will ensure ultimate relaxation for any user. There is also a tension adjuster beneath the seat. It can be loosen and tighten depending on user preference of how much force needs to be applied to achieve that “rocking motion feature”
  • 3D metal armrest: Create perfect ergonomics with adjustable 3D armrests. It allows you to adjust them by height [up-down] & forward-backward position. You can also switch between three different  rotating positions [left, right & straight]. The armrest is mainly made of metal but the top sports a soft pad to ensure user comfort. 
  • Ergonomic body hugging curved backrest & seat design: The ergonomic backrest and seat design provides improved comfort and better posture by conforming to the natural curve of the spine, reducing pressure on the lower back, and promoting a neutral spine position. The design can be customized through adjustable features such as lumbar support, backrest tilt angle, seat tilt angle and can increase productivity by reducing discomfort and distractions.
  • 65mm certified heavy duty wheels: We have used heavy duty high quality PU Caster wheels which are BIFMA certified allows free and easy movement for the chair almost in all floor surfaces.
  • 5 star powder coated heat painted metal base: A 5-star powder-coated heat painted black metal base provides stability, durability, mobility, safety, and style benefits to chair. The powder-coating and heat painting make the metal base more resistant to corrosion.
  • Gas Lift: 140 KG rated BIFMA & SGS certified gas lift is there to support maximum load capacity.
  • Neck vent: Ensures good neck posture while using an adjustable neck cushion. It also allows the lumbar cushion to be adjusted by height. Which enhances the overall user experience and comfort of the chair.

Ergonomic Gaming Chair [Apex Series]

Warranty Policy:

  • 1 year parts warranty: Gas lift and wheels.
  • Warranty Voids: Damage caused by any non-standard office activities, accident & rough-use.
  • Condition: Client must bring / take back the chair or faulty parts to us to claim warranty or home service charge is applicable.
  • Product lifetime after sale service: We will provide all sorts of repair service throughout the product lifetime even after the official warranty period is over. Required material costs are applicable. And if these following criteria are met
    – If the product is repairable
    – If the product is brought to our factory
    – If we still run our own factory
    – If the required part/parts are available


Ergonomic Gaming Chair Apex Series


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