Almira with Drawer & Locker(AL007)

Model No: AL007
Products Features: With Locker & Drawer, Transparent Glass Door 
Material: MS Sheet (Door-18swg, Body & Shelf-20swg)
Available Color: White, Black, Grey, Blue, Orange, Red
Paint Type: Powder Coated Dual Tone Color
Size: 36″(L) X 75″(H) X 20″(D)
Delivery Time: 15 Days
Delivery: Free In Dhaka City

৳ 37,000 ৳ 40,000



Almira with Drawer & Locker is the best trend model in this market. Gone are the days when everything had its place in the Almira. These days we have different cupboards such as book storage, shoe racks, a loft, or the living room storage units for various purposes. It’s very likely that you do not intend to store all your belongings in the almirah. Consider the number and size of shelves and compartments depending on your intent of usage. If you are going to keep any valuables, make sure that your almirah has lockers. The ones with mirrors will eliminate the need for a dressing table acting both as a dressing table and a storage unit giving you a clutter-free room.


One-part design and one-part security, the Steel Almira with Locker is a perfect mix of both. This Steel Almira ticks all the right boxes in terms of keeping your things secure and safe.


Tidying up will be a thing of the past with these Steel Almira with Locker. The cleverly designed internal structure allows easy categorization and storage of garments & miscellaneous paraphernalia.

Durable & Strong Steel Construct:

CRCA Steel has stood the test of time and durability. This is why the Slimline Wardrobe excels in both, giving a piece that is strong and long-lasting.

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