8-Seater Swing Table for indoor or outdoor use (ST934)

Model No: ST-934
Size: 8-Seater L-84” x W-84” x H-84” inch
Available Color: Black
Paint Type: Powder Coated Paint Steel Frame
Materials: Sheet metal 1.2mm & Laminated Board 18mm
Delivery Time: 10 Days
Shipment: Free in Dhaka city
Specific Use: Indoor & Outdoor Use
Product Unit: Price per pcs
Cushions: Without Cushion
Weight limit: 80Kg per seat

৳ 48,000 ৳ 60,000


8-Seater Swing Table for indoor or outdoor use (ST934)

A unique hybrid of a Swing-set and a Table. Available for outdoor or indoor use. and re-assembled with ease

Our tables are a hybrid between a table and a Swing set. They are unique in that they foster communal relationships through movement while providing the full functionality of a traditional table. Our tables are proven to bring real benefit to communal work environments: use movement to get creative juices flowing, and have a unique ability to bring people together for meetings or socially. There is something special about sitting next to a co-worker, friend, or stranger on a swing that brings out a shared child-like joy. We are all time making experts in manufacturing. These tables are a modern and simple design. It is also yet very polished. However, this table constructs utilizing and modern tools. These tables are making using steel as the main component. Third, and most importantly, our tables are very needed by our clients. Each of us adapts to the current time at the table. And mostly versatile and highly reliable in Bangladesh.

We offer a variety of model options, each fully customizable for our clients’ needs. Each SwingTable is a one-of-a-kind piece.

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