27 Door Compartment Lockers (011)

Model No: CA011
Name: 27 Door Compartment Lockers
Product Size: H72″ * W36″ * D16″
Delivery Time: 10 Days
Shipment: Free in Dhaka city
Product Unit: Price per pcs

৳ 35,000 ৳ 39,000


27 Door Compartment Lockers

we are able to manufacture and supply a wide range of  Steel Locker. All our products are designed and developed in accordance with international quality norms & standards, using premium raw material and latest technology. Apart from this, our products are widely acclaimed by the customers for their corrosion & abrasion resistance, sturdy construction and low maintenance.

As the requirements for a locker can differ greatly, SMM BD STORE offers a large variety of products.

From a simple locker for basic requirements to an especially high-quality changing room solution to meet high technology and design standards. As a leading manufacturer in the locker sector, SMM BD STORE can produce the optimum storage solutions for any industry and room situation. Thanks to the diversity of complementary products from the same product series, individual customer requirements can be fulfilled.

Long-lasting and sustainable

Manufactured from steel, a low-waste and long-lasting material, SMM BD STORE lockers represent sustainability and stability. Our sustainability philosophy ranges from manufacture to delivery and subsequent return to the material cycle. The steel lockers are 100% recyclable, are coated using an environmentally friendly coating method, and are generally delivered without packaging by our in-house logistics.

27 Door Compartment Lockers


Suitability for moving and fire protection


If your space needs change in the course of time, the lockers can be relocated quickly and easily. Another advantage is the fire protection. Unlike wooden lockers, steel lockers are highly flame retardant. Lockers made from steel are often used in facilities with particularly high fire protection requirements, such as educational institutions.


– Large product variety for various industries & users — from classic locker to customized high-end solution

– Steel material: 100% recyclable and particularly long-lasting

– Environmentally friendly coating procedure

– Zero-packaging delivery thanks to internal logistics

– Highly suitable for moving

Steel Locker

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